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BB Glow Lips 👄 - 45 min

BB Glow Lips 👄 - 45 min


BB Glow Lips  is a relatively new procedure that increases the color of the lips, makes them appear fuller, beautiful and vital! Furthermore, appearance is not the only advantage of BB Glow lip treatment. BB Glow lip color pigment has a moisturizing and nourishing effect on the lips, making them smoother, healthier and younger!
Compared to the traditional BB Glow skin treatment, this is a great alternative for women who don't like semi-permanent makeup for any reason.
Although BB Glow Derma Pen is even used for this treatment, the needle does not apply the pigment color too deeply to the skin.
The treatment is carried out on the top layer of the skin - the dermis.
Since the color of the pigmentation is not applied very deeply to the skin, the lasting effects can vary depending on several sessions. If the treatment is performed 2 to 4 times, it can last up to 4 to 6 months!

STAYVE Cherips 👄

Stayve Cherips are pigment colors widely used for BB Glow Lips treatment. The product offers five vital colors, among them: burgudy, red, orange red, hot pink and pink.


If you are asking if this treatment is for you, we have a simple answer!

The BB Glow Lips treatment is for everyone, regardless of age or skin type!
Here are some reasons why making lips:

* You are not happy with the natural look of your lips
* You want to wake up with perfect lips, doing nothing
* You want your lips to look beautiful all the time
* You want your lips to look healthier
* You do not want to undergo the traditional semi-permanent procedure
* You want a quick and painless treatment for your lips
* You want to be able to change the color of your lips more often.

Do not waste time and come to know this wonderful treatment technique.

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