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Laser Vein Removal - Legs - 60 min


Vascular lesions, as well as pigmented lesions that are considered aesthetic problems, have a profound negative effect on people of both sexes. The laser is a high-precision tool.
The laser energy penetrates the skin towards the deepest layers, up to 3 mm below the epidermis and, thanks to its specially designed software, it has the flexibility to select the appropriate dose for each treatment. This arises from the combination of a pulse so wide to clot with another one short enough not to damage the epidermis. All this added to the ideal power.
The dose that penetrates the subcutaneous tissue with little dispersion allows effective heating of the lesion, working under the principle of selective photothermolysis. Due to its wavelength, the laser light is absorbed and coagulates telangectasias and other dark-colored vascular lesions.
The LASER has an excellent absorption by hemoglobin, which ensures a perfect interaction with the blood vessels. Presenting excellent results, mainly in the area of ​​the feet and ankles.

Treats: varicose veins, telangectasis and rosacea.

Is there a contraindication?

Yes, Pregnant women and those who had thrombosis.