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Myofascial Release and Manual Therapy - Modules


What is myofascial release?
Myofascial Release is a massage technique that applies pressure to some points of the body and helps to relax and stretch the muscles, so that there is greater freedom between the muscle and the fascia.

The fascia is a membrane of connective tissue, located just below the skin and allows the perfect sliding of muscles during exercises. The fascia helps to maintain muscle strength, as it helps the muscle to exercise the contraction more efficiently and allows the muscles to slide easily, thus transmitting tensions generated by muscle activity and reducing friction.

Myofascial release is indicated in which cases?

There are some factors that cause muscle damage and, consequently, the weakening of the fascia:

  • Muscle misuse
  • Bad posture habits
  • Intense workouts
  • Stress
  • Emotional problems.