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Chemical Peeling - 45 Min

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Chemical Peeling is a type of aesthetic treatment that is done with the application of acids on the skin to remove the damaged layers and promote the growth of a smooth layer, which can be done to eliminate blemishes and expression lines, for example. Types of Chemical peeling can be done on the skin of the face, hands and neck to remove blemishes, acne marks and scars.

Types of Chemical Peeling:

Superficial Chemical Peeling (removes the outermost layer of the skin, being great to lighten spots and remove acne marks or superficial wrinkles), Medium Chemical Peeling (acids are used to remove the outer and middle layer of the skin, being used to treat acne and deeper wrinkles and Deep Chemical Peeling (removes the skin layers to the internal level, being recommended for cases of skin damaged by the sun and other scars, such as acne or accidents).

Benefits of Chemical Peeling

The main benefits of chemical peels include reduction of acne scars and accidents; renovation of the skin layers, improving the appearance of the skin; reduction of age spots or sun; elimination of wrinkles and expression lines.

This type of treatment also reduces the oiliness of the skin, increases the production of collagen and prevents the appearance of blackheads and pimples. The results of the chemical peel depend on the type of peeling, whether superficial, medium or deep, and on the characteristics of the skin, with the most satisfactory result on lighter skins.