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Pilates - 60 min


What is Pilates?

Pilates is a method of physical exercise initially developed during the first world war (1914 - 1918) to gain muscle strength, but today it is used for several purposes, such as gaining balance, improving flexibility and rehabilitation.
It was created based on the principles of oriental culture. Yoga, meditation, martial arts and traditional Chinese medicine were major influences.
Pilates solo

Solo pilates consists of doing the exercises using only your body weight on the floor.
In addition, solo pilates classes can be done in groups, which reduces the price as a single instructor can coordinate several practitioners.

Pilates on appliances:

When exercising is performed on devices such as pilates balls, sprung chairs, rubber bands and others. Pilates on devices has the facility for the device itself to help guide the correct movement, just that the student learns how to use it. The instructor usually also offers a personalized exercise.