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Enzymes Body Fat - 20 min each (Subcutaneous)

Enzymes Body Fat - 20 min each (Subcutaneous)


What is Enzyme Application?

Maintaining discipline and dedication with diets and physical exercises is essential to achieve good shape, but there are times when we want to give extra gas to eliminate localized fat, and it is precisely in this regard that the application of enzymes has stood out. Undergoing an aesthetic procedure requires attention and analysis of possible positive and negative reactions, so it is essential to know a little more about how the application of enzymes and their contribution to weight loss works.
This procedure can also be called Mesotherapy (if applied intradermally), and consists of the application of enzymes. They are applied through injections with very fine needles, which consist of a combination of 4 to 6 different elements, which contribute positively to the elimination of localized fat.

How it works?

Enzymes can be applied in two ways: the first is intramuscular, which aims to eliminate total body weight, applied to the gluteal region.
The second option is that the application is subcutaneous, being applied directly to the region where you want to eliminate localized fat.
The application of enzymes consists of the application of drugs with enzymes in the fat layer that is located under the skin, where it is possible to identify the highest concentration of adipose tissue.