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Mesotherapy Capilar - 45 min


The procedure is done first with a cleansing of the region to be treated, followed by the application directly on the scalp, through a fine needle, of substances capable of improving the blood circulation of the region and stimulating the healthy growth of the threads. Usually the applied substance is a mixture of vitamins, amino acids, finasteride and minoxidil, which together promote hair growth and guarantee a beautiful and healthy aspect.
Because it is a procedure performed directly on the scalp, the results are faster than oral treatment. However, as it is an invasive procedure, there may be redness and local swelling, and these effects resolve spontaneously.
Despite being a very effective treatment, it is important that the person acquires healthy habits to prevent hair loss in other places of the head.
The number of sessions depends on the intensity of the fall, an interval of 15 days between sessions is recommended