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Vacuum Cup - 45 min


What is Vacuum therapy?

Vacuum therapy is a type of natural treatment in which suction cups are used to improve blood circulation in a location on the body. For this, the suction cups create a vacuum effect, which sucks the skin, resulting in an increase in the diameter of the blood vessels at the exact location. As a result, there is a greater oxygenation of these tissues, allowing the release of toxins from the blood and muscle more easily.
Thus, this treatment is often used in the treatment of cellulite, as increased blood circulation can reduce the appearance of the orange peel. In addition, ventosatherapia is also widely used as a natural way to fight muscle pain, since the pressure difference caused by the vacuum displaces the muscle skin and increases the amount of blood, having a relaxing action.
Main benefits

Suction cups treatment can be indicated to eliminate back pain caused by muscle tension or contractures, swelling in the arms, legs or feet, joint pain, and it is also a good complement in the treatment of cellulite.
This is because its main benefits include:

  • Increased local blood circulation;
  • Elimination of muscle contractures and trigger points;
  • Strengthens blood vessels;
  • Increase the production of synovial fluid within the joints;
  • Relax and calm your body and mind.