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Shaping Massage - 70 min


Modeling massage is one that reaches deep layers of the skin through vigorous and firm movements. It benefits circulation, improves metabolism, fights cellulite and helps eliminate localized fat.
What to expect from the shaping massage

Thermogenic creams and reducing agents are the most used products for this type of treatment. Leave it in the body for at least two hours after the massage. If you manage to do an aerobic physical activity during this period, such as running or spinning, you will further enhance the effects of the procedure.
But get ready! It is not as delicate and pleasant as lymphatic drainage! In some parts of the body, where there is more fat accumulation, such as breeches and thighs, you may experience pain. There are even those who have a sore body after the session because of the strong compression in certain regions.
To have long-term results, do the modeling massage continuously, twice a week. Each session lasts about 45/60 minutes, and there should be an interval of 48 to 72 hours between sessions, according to the professional's assessment. If you just want to do a maintenance, you can space up to 15 days.