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Holistic Nutritional Therapist


First appointment - 90 minutes
In our first appointment, we will talk about your habits, routine, life history, food consumption and complaints. From this, we draw together the first goals and action plans to begin the first steps of behavior and lifestyle changes. Changes happen from small, gradual goals and practice, practice and practice. At the end of our first consultation, we assess together how many consultations will be needed to help you reach your goal.

What is included in this first consultation?
1. Individualized treatment plan
2. Individualized goal plan
3. Complementary materials (recipes, explanatory sheet, intuitive exercises, ebooks, hydration reminder, food diary)
4. Prescription of supplements (if necessary)
5. Physical assessment (weight, height, bioimpedance and circumferences) in person and online we assess in other ways
6. Evaluation of laboratory tests and test request (salivation, feces, urine, allergy and food intolerances and bi-resonance)
7. Access to the dietbox app (in Portuguese) for English speakers we use other tools with email, whatsapp and google drive

Follow up Nutritional Consultations - 60 minutes
In nutritional monitoring, it works to assess your progress, difficulties and, thus, trace new strategies and goals to reach your goal and especially your health completely.
What is included in the other queries?
Everything like the first appointment + an individualized meal plan designed together with you to be connected not only with your nutritional needs, but also with your routine and emotions.