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Dermal Fillers - Facial Harmonization

Dermal Fillers - Facial Harmonization


What are Dermal Fillers? 

Dermal filler treatment involves injecting a gel - hyaluronic acid - into the skin. Hyaluronic acid is naturally present in skin, giving it a youthful appearance. However, the levels of the acid decrease with age. It is thought that this decrease contributes to the way skin starts to look as it ages. Dermal fillers work by supplementing the hyaluronic acid, helping restore some of the previous youthfulness to the skin. 

What to Expect from Dermal Filler Treatment 

The aim of dermal filler treatment is to refresh the appearance of your face and make you look younger. The treatment can be carried out by plastic surgeons, dentists and aesthetic doctors. If you think that dermal fillers may be a procedure for you, you will have the opportunity to discuss your options and address any concerns during an initial consultation. Then you will have a personal treatment plan completed, so that you know exactly what you can expect from the procedure. 

Dermal fillers can be used on their own, or as part of a broader treatment combined with anti-wrinkle injections. Such facial harmonization treatment can help restore a youthful look to various areas of your face, including:

  • Tear troughs
  • The hollows at the temples
  • The nose
  • The chin 
  • The jawline
  • The cheek area