Everything to Know About Non-Invasive Brazilian Butt Lift

Everything to Know About Non-Invasive Brazilian Butt Lift

If you're seeking a butt lift without surgery, you might want to know more about our Pump Brazilian Butt Lift treatment. This is an aesthetic procedure that has been gaining popularity for its non-invasive ability to enhance, lift and tighten the glutes using suction. It enhances and sculpts your curves, providing a fuller and lifted appearance.

Ideal for both women and men desiring firm and contoured buttocks, in this article, we'll delve into how this procedure works, possible benefits, what to expect during treatment and more.

How Vacuum Butt Lifts Therapy work?

The procedure uses a vacuum suction pump, stimulating blood flow and inducing tissue swelling. This leads to an augmentation in buttock volume and definition while simultaneously enhancing skin texture and reducing cellulite.

The Pump technique involves the application of suction cups tailored to the size of the buttocks. When connected to a vacuum therapy device, these cups utilise compression and decompression movements to improve circulation. This, in turn, aids in the permeation of active ingredients, increases nutrient supply to the treated area, activates the lymphatic system, and, consequently, delivers a lifting effect, leaving the buttocks firmer and addressing cellulite. The key distinction between vacuum butt lift and the Brazilian butt lift lies in the non-invasiveness of Vacuum therapy.

When Will I See the Results of Vacuum Therapy?

Results are noticeable right after the first session. Patients may experience firmer and uplifted buttocks, but these effects could gradually diminish over days or weeks due to the impact of gravity. Depending on individual requirements, additional sessions may be advised. The duration of these effects can be extended significantly by incorporating muscle-toning exercises into one's routine.

It's crucial to stress that this treatment should not be considered a substitute for regular exercises targeting the gluteal region. 

What are the Benefits of Vacuum Therapy Bum Lift?

Addressing more pronounced cellulite, this treatment not only results in lifted buttocks but also contributes to increased skin elasticity, reducing the appearance of "sagging" and promoting firmer skin. It plays a role in supporting tissue nourishment, amplifying protein synthesis (elastin and collagen), enhancing blood circulation, and facilitating the elimination of toxins. Beyond these benefits, it effectively lifts and contours the buttocks, leaving the area firm and toned.

What do Vacuum Therapy Buttocks feel like? Does it Hurt?

During the initial sessions of the Pump procedure, there might be a minor sensation of discomfort due to suction. However, it is widely regarded as nearly painless, given that the suction cup employs a gentle compression and decompression motion. Think of it as a subtle suction and release—nothing overly intense. The experience is often likened to a soothing massage.

What to expect during a Non-invasive Brazilian Butt Lift session?

Vacuum butt lift session starts with an exfoliation to enhance the absorption of firming and anti-cellulite cosmetics, the procedure then involves the application of the Pump suction cup (vacuum therapy) on each butt cheek to boost nutrient concentration in the buttock area. This is followed by a combined technique of Vacuum Therapy and massage.

Additionally, the treatment incorporates the use of dermocosmetics containing draining, firming, and nourishing properties. These are applied post-session, along with recommended home care practices.

The duration of the treatment may vary, it typically lasts around 30–45 minutes.

How much do Vacuum Therapy Buttocks cost?

The price for each pump session at MovMore is €35. Book your treatment here.

Are There Alternative Butt Lift Procedures?

Absolutely! At MovMore, we provide additional protocols for buttock lift procedures, such as:

  • Buttock Fillers (butt injections) - This procedure involves the use of dermal fillers to add volume, curvature, and shape to your buttocks.
  • Biogluteo - The BioGluteo aesthetic procedure is a non-surgical technique that utilises hyaluronic acid to fill and sculpt the buttocks, providing a fuller and more defined appearance. The procedure is quick, safe, and minimally invasive, with immediately visible results.

Schedule your consultation with our expert team to address all your inquiries about any of these treatments. This includes indications, recommended number of sessions, and potential combinations with other protocols—all tailored specifically for you. Contact us today.