Full Bikini & Underarm

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Purchase More Than One Session?
Absolutely! We recommend undergoing a course of 6-10 treatments for optimal results. We offer special package pricing when purchasing a course of 3, 6, or 9 sessions. Feel free to contact us via WhatsApp to learn more and purchase a package.

Which Bikini Laser Treatment is Right for You?
Hollywood: This treatment removes all pubic hair from the entire intimate area, including the labia, bum and peri-anal area. 
Brazilian: This treatment removes pubic hair, but leaves a small strip or triangle patch remaining. It also removes hair from the labia and bum and peri-anal area. 

How Laser Hair Removal Works?
Combined Bikini and Underarm Laser Hair Removal offers the most efficient and effective method for achieving long-lasting smoothness in these areas.
The therapist uses a specialised laser device to emit a specific wavelength that generates heat and damages the hair at the root. Before the session, the therapist will clean the skin thoroughly to remove any oils or moisturisers, and the hair in the treatment area will be then removed. After about 15 days, the hairs will loosen and fall out. They can easily be removed with regular skin exfoliation.
Laser hair removal not only eliminates unwanted hair but can also help with conditions like folliculitis and the lightening of spots caused by other damaging hair removal methods.

Does Laser Hair Removal hurt?
Some discomfort and minor pain may be experienced during treatment, similar to small stings. The level of sensitivity of an individual's skin can affect the amount of pain felt during hair removal. Areas with more hair and thicker hair tend to be more painful but also produce better and quicker results, requiring fewer sessions. It's important to not apply any topical anesthetic before the procedure as it can interfere with the process and make it difficult to identify any potential burns. Pain and burning sensations on the skin are important indicators to assess the effectiveness of the laser device and make adjustments if necessary.

How many treatments should I require?
The number of sessions for laser hair removal may vary due to factors such as skin and hair colour, hair thickness, and the size of the treatment area. It is recommended to purchase a package of 6 sessions and to purchase additional sessions as needed. Sessions can be scheduled every 30-45 days and in between sessions, it is advisable to use a razor or depilatory cream if necessary. These methods are acceptable and will not interfere with the laser treatment.

For further inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Full Bikini & Underarm
Full Bikini & Underarm