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Radio-frequency - 45 min


Radiofrequency is an aesthetic treatment used to combat sagging face or body, being very effective to eliminate wrinkles, expression lines and even localized fat and also cellulite, being a safe method with long lasting effects.

The Radiofrequency device raises the temperature of the skin and muscle to approximately 41ºC and this contracts the existing collagen and increases the production of more collagen and elastin fibers, giving more support and firmness to the skin. In addition, the rise in temperature breaks down the fat cell membranes, causing it to be eliminated from the body. The results can be seen in the first few days after the first session and the result is progressive, so the more sessions the person does, the bigger and better the results will be.

When Radiofrequency is indicated?

  • Decrease wrinkles;
  • Improve the appearance of the skin;
  • Improve the quality of collagen and elastin;
  • Rearrange collagen and elastin fibers;
  • Improve microcirculation;
  • Improve skin hydration;
  • Increase oxygenation;
  • Accelerate the elimination of toxins;
  • Reduce cellulite;
  • Fight stretch marks and fibrosis;
  • Improve the appearance of scars;
  • Combat the fat located in the belly, breeches, flanks, arms, jowls;
  • Fight sagging in any area of ​​the body;
  • Fight cellulite by improving skin firmness and burning local fat.