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Skin Cleansing with Diamond Peeling - 1h30min

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What is Diamond Peeling?

Diamond Peeling is a physical peeling that uses its own equipment for this purpose to promote a micro-exfoliation of the skin. Among the main objectives of Diamond Peeling are the removal of dead cells that remain in the most superficial layer of the skin and the stimulation of collagen production. The exfoliation promoted by Diamond Peeling renews the cell layer of the skin.

Diamond Peeling is indicated to treat superficial spots - the so-called melanoses, which are in the epidermis, the superficial layer of the skin. There may also be improvement in acne scars, but as in this case the lesions are deeper, the improvement is more discreet.

Likewise, fine wrinkles are deeper marks and therefore have a discreet benefit, it occurs mainly when, together with the Diamond Peeling, cosmetics are used that act to smooth the expression lines. Very open pores, when submitted to the exfoliation of the Diamond Peeling, also diminish.