The Ultimate Guide to Laser Tattoo Removal

The Ultimate Guide to Laser Tattoo Removal

Do you have a tattoo that you're unhappy with or one that didn't turn out as you planned, causing regret? Did you know there's a way to address this?

Laser tattoo removal is a highly sought-after procedure for those who regret a tattoo and wish to remove it, or to lighten eyebrow pigmentation. However, before undergoing the procedure, it's important for the patient to be aware of everything related to the technique. Here is some information about laser treatments for tattoo removal.

How does tattoo removal work? 

The procedure is carried out using lasers specifically designed for tattoos. They emit high-intensity pulses of light at wavelengths that identify the pigment and break it down into very tiny particles, allowing the body to remove and eliminate it. The greater the contrast in colour, the darker the pigment, and the lighter the skin, the easier it will be for the laser to identify the pigment and take action.

Is laser tattoo removal effective? 

The laser yields good results, but it can vary. Tattoos with finer lines and less fill tend to be easier to remove. If the tattoo has lighter pigment tones, the laser may have difficulty identifying and completely removing them, but it is possible to significantly lighten the area.

Is the laser tattoo removal procedure safe? 

Yes, it is a safe procedure, but it does require post-treatment care and an adequate interval for the skin to heal between sessions. After the evaluation consultation, the professional will provide guidance on pre and post-treatment care to ensure proper recovery and minimise the risk of complications.

Is the removal procedure painful? 

Yes, it can be a bit uncomfortable. Some people describe it as a burning sensation, but the level of discomfort varies depending on the sensitivity of the area being treated and the size of the tattoo. Anaesthetic creams can be used to reduce the discomfort.

How much does laser tattoo removal cost? 

At Mov&More Clinic, the cost varies depending on the size of the tattoo, with different prices for eyebrows and tattoo sizes. Find out the cost of laser tattoo removal in Dublin.

If you have eyebrow tattoos or pigmentation that you'd like to remove or lighten, please schedule an evaluation with our experts at Mov&More Dublin today.