Top 5 Things You Need To Know About Pilates

Top 5 Things You Need To Know About Pilates

Thousands of people around the world have already discovered the wonderful results that Pilates practice can bring.

The exercises have become famous because the results are quite positive not only for the body but also for the mind, and because its practice does not require impact, it can be performed by various people.

But what is Pilates and what is it for? Mov&More will explain it to you now, and you will get all the information about this activity that has more than 15 million practitioners worldwide.

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a set of exercises created by the German Joseph Pilates, which can be performed on the floor or with exclusive equipment, with the aim of strengthening the muscles, improving tone and flexibility, and enhancing people's quality of life.

Its techniques help the practitioner improve their body contour, increase strength, adjust posture, and promote greater body awareness.

What are the benefits of Pilates?

There are many benefits to Pilates, as it is considered a comprehensive activity that stimulates the body globally. In addition to increased mobility and tone, Pilates also brings the following benefits.

1) Improve posture: Pilates promotes increased body awareness and focuses on the core muscles, strengthening them and thus reducing recurring back pain caused by poor posture.

2) Enhanced sexual pleasure: Due to Pilates exercising the pelvic floor muscles, it can indirectly contribute to increased sexual pleasure, especially for women.

3) Muscle tone: Pilates works muscles in three ways: contraction, strength, and flexibility, allowing for the exchange of fat mass for muscle mass, ensuring a better contour for practitioners.

4) Joint mobility: Pilates exercises work the body globally, exercising the joints and ensuring greater mobility in daily activities.

5) Stress relief: Pilates is generally practiced in tranquil environments, combined with breathing exercises and concentration to execute them, which can alleviate and reduce stress.

Does Pilates help with weight loss?

Pilates exercises help improve body tone, facilitating the exchange of fat mass for muscle mass. However, they do not burn enough calories during practice. Nevertheless, Pilates can be combined with aerobic training, such as running or swimming, to improve results.

Can Pilates be combined with physiotherapy?

Pilates and physiotherapy are powerful allies in combating recurring posture-related ailments or even core muscle weakness. Conditions like scoliosis can be treated with Pilates, as long as it is supervised by a physiotherapist.

Can Pilates be done by anyone?

Women, whether pregnant or not, men, the elderly, and even children. Pilates offers a variety of exercises that can be tailored to each individual. For example, exercises for pregnant women and the elderly focus more on balance, benefiting both groups.

Now that Mov&More has explained everything about Pilates, why not give this practice a chance? Mov&More has a team of specialized physiotherapists who offer Pilates sessions to improve your quality of life and vitality. Schedule an appointment today.